The National Marine Manufacturers Association has developed a trailer certification program to help boat trailer manufacturers comply with established industry standards and federal safety regulations, and to help to inform the public of such compliance when purchasing equipment. The NMMA program certifies that the design meets the standards in the NMMA Trailer Certification Handbook. The manufacturer has the responsibility of assuring that their production units are manufactured in compliance with the certified design.

Both the administrative and technical details of this program is incorporated in the handbook. The trailer certification standards used are based on those published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49.

Trailers are certified in the areas of identification plates, capacity ratings, couplings, safety chains, lighting, winches, brakes, registration procedures, and conspicuity systems.

A manufacturer participating in this program must certify all models as fitted with all factory supplied equipment on a model year basis.

Inspectors from nationally recognized independent inspection agencies or NMMA staff visit the manufacturer and physically inspect each trailer model for compliance to all certification standards.

Trailer manufacturers desiring to participate in this program should contact NMMA Engineering Standards Department.

Contact David DeHorn at NMMA at (312) 946-6253 for further information, or visit http://nmma.org